Fip Forum is transferred: Fip Radio is Forty

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Source: Fip Forum is transferred: Fip Radio is Forty

A slightly older post regarding Fip being 40 but another nice article covering the history of our favourite station.

Listening to FIP radio….

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FIP radio is really one of a kind. I don’t believe I haver ever come upon a radio station that has absolutely no publicity, zero.  Its eclectic mix of music suits me perfectly. I personally have a diverse background, although I have lived 12 out of the last 15 years in Paris.

Yesterday, while at work, I heard this song: (it’s actually a poem written by Shel Sylverstein author of “A light in the Attic”, “Where the Sidewalk Ends”, “The Giving tree”……books that marked my childhood and maybe yours too…..)

THE BALLAD OF LUCY JORDAN – Marianne Faithful, 1979

The morning sun touched lightly on
The eyes of Lucy Jordan
In a white suburban bedroom
In a white suburban town

And she lay there ‘neath the covers
Dreaming of a thousand lovers
‘Til the world turned to orange
And the room went spinning round

At the age of 37

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FIP / a fantastic French radio station

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FIP radio station from France Fantastic Interesting Perfect

In my opinion FIP is as close to perfection as radio stations get, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

You can listen to it here… just scroll to the bottom of the page and écouter direct.

The songs never seem to have much in common, except that they are all interesting and top quality. The presenters don’t say too much but just enough to let you know they are there at the helm. They’ve got you. Plus there are no adverts. Fantastic!

Warning: it may be a little bit too jazzy for some people’s tastes.

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FIP Radio – I love it

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This sums up the love for Fip quite nicely 📻

Originally posted on Living The Life of Lindsey:

You may or may not have heard of a little Paris-based radio station called FIP [France Inter Paris]. It’s an absolute joy and I recommend you tune in if you’ve never heard it before. We’ve been listening to it for a while now and it used to be broadcast (illegally) from Brighton 2001 and 2011, before being shut down by the feds, but with the wonders of technology you can now just listen to it through the website.



Click on the play button at the top and a pop-up comes out, playing the wonderful FIP

A perfect example of why I love FIP so much is that they just played Farrell’s ‘Happy’ followed by a French version of ‘Happy Together’ by The Turtles. After a little French chat, we are now enjoying ‘Barranquillerita’ by La Tormenta. Another reason I love FIP is because I don’t like chat…

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Announced Changes to Fip

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In the past few days Radio France have announced changes to its station line up, including that of Fip. RF say it will be “Exciting, full of new, historical … it’s back on FIP! Your favorite radio offers new musical events during the day and evening to discover on our antenne and replay on our website on Monday 31 August.”

The new features include

Sous les jupes de Fip

Every Monday from 20h to 22h, a program hosted by Alexandre Desurmont and Luc Frelon

The week opens with Fip with an evening news presented by Alexandre Desurmont and Luc Frelon, music programmers. Latest releases, new talent, exclusive interviews, live sessions … The best music news in any genre, live on Fip.

C’est Magnifip !

Every Tuesday from 20h to 22h, a program hosted by Frédérique Labussière

Fip has always carried his listeners elsewhere … in direct connection with their emotions, memories and desires. Creative escape, Fip explores a new route and gives appointments to listeners for a musical escape, they will chose the theme and destination, by voting on

Certains l’aiment Fip

Every Wednesday from 20h to 22h, a program hosted by Susana Poveda

Fip invites listeners to a walk in the musical imagination of a filmmaker, genre films or music composer. By exploring the partitions of a sensitive cinema sound and vibration, Fip offers Impressionist puzzle playing on emotion and sensation.

Live à Fip

Every Thursday from 20h to 22h, a program hosted by Stéphanie Daniel

Because live music is central to the relationship between a musician and his audience, Fip broadcasts every Thursday exceptional concerts to Fip or elsewhere. An appointment where all musical universes collide!

♫ Notre grand classique

The established (and personal favourite) Club Jazzafip remains

Every day at 19h facilitated by Jane Villenet (Monday to Thursday) and Charlotte Bibring (Friday-Sunday)

19h to 20h, it jazz fip! Jane Villenet and Charlotte Bibring receive a programmer for an evening where all the jazz intermingle, big standards to emerging artists.

There are certainly big changes ahead and they sound (excuse the pun) quite exciting. We’re quite excited by having more Frédérique (we met her at the live broadcast and have had a soft spot for her ever since :-D). We hope that the legendary Fipettes are still going to be a big part of the sound of the station.

We’ll know on Monday 31st!

#FipToujours Petition

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If you didn’t already know, there’s a live petition on campaigning for the preservation and development of Fip.

Fip, as we know, faces a bit of an uncertain future and the world will be a sadder place if we lost it.

The petition is addressed to the Minister of Culture and Communication Fleur Pellerin, the CEO of Radio France Mathieu Gallet, Fip Director Anne SERODE and heading up the #FipToujours collective is Philippe Guihéneuf, a friend.

Preserve and develop FIP, eclectic nugget of Radio France!

Sign the petition here (opens in a new window)