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Hi I really enjoyed the joys of FIPs eclectic music. It was so refreshing to be able to tune in a wicked salsa beat one second then a North African track with some serious drum. When it disappeared I was really confused as I wasn’t aware that it was being pirated into Brighton. I moved down from London about 10 years ago and was able to enjoy a wide range of music by on the ‘wireless’. I really noticed the lack of variety down here in sunny Brighton then I discovered FIP.

I really hope it can be bought back onto the airwaves by the magic transmissions that bring us things like Text messages and all those other things I don’t really get but enjoy


I was saddened to hear about the forced closure of the FIP relay in Brighton, I live outside its reception area but have heard a lot about it over they years in my capacity as a radio magazine journalist.

There are legal Greek and Turkish stations in London, also Spectrum Radio rebroadcasts programmes from China Radio International and the Voice of Russia. It is also very likely that Polish community stations will soon be established to cater for the growing Polish communities in Britain.

Nepalese members of the British armed forces have the satellite delivered (BFBS) Gurkha Radio, with Nepalese language programmes rebroadcast on MW in areas around several UK military bases for the benefit of soldiers and their families.

So if these other broadcasters can transmit programmes to their respective communities here in the UK, usually in what is for us foreign language and
often originating from overseas, surely relaying a station like FIP to a cosmopolitan town like Brighton should not be a problem.

Good luck with your campaign.

Hi. I made some comments on early post-raid Argus articles and am glad to see the website.

I am a No.1 FIP fan.

I have it on much of the time via satellite (with a legal FM MP3 transmitter) and the internet at work and HOURS of FIP in the car (on a memory card). When in Brighton I listened in the car and my portable set.


I have listened to FIP for most of it’s 10 yrs and I cannot believe that some “philistine” reported it—— I assume that Ofcom have to act !! I cannot wait for it to return. Can you please keep me informed as much as is possible!? I have been to The Hope and would be happy to contribute to some “fund” to enable some other public-spirited person to broadcast or for represention to Ofcom.

Look forward to hearing,


Hi there,

I just wanted to email you because I love FIP so very much and miss it a lot! Me and my friends have all been wondering where it is and I just read the article in the Argus from last week which led me to you. I had heard that there was a FIP tribute night in Brighton but didn’t know when or where it was – now I do. Gutted I missed it last night.

Anyway – I will help in any way I can to bring FIP back – it is the best radio station ever!!

Get in touch – H xxxx


Just been looking over your website & have to say I’m impressed !

I found out about Fip via the pirate page in Radio & Communications monitoring monthly & decided to tune in via the web one Sunday. I’m totally hooked 🙂

Hopefully you’ll find someone willing to get Fip back on air for you. Are there not still loads of empty places to squat in Brighton ??

Keep up the good work


Fip is a station that we can only dream of having over here in England, hampered as we are by the BBC’s pathetic, over managed, visionless music network and commercial broadcasting hell. I would say that it is the station that the BBC could only dream of, but they don’t have the imagination to have such a network – yet alone the will.

Fip represents freedom and Music Radio Broadcasting as it should be, with minimal interuptions, just playing really good music – why on earth can’t we, with our handsomely publicly paid for network produce such a stunning yet simple example of music broadcasting on our National network? The audience is out here as has been shown in Brighton and Hove.

Unfortunately I live in Worthing so if you manage to get it reinstated how about sending a signal down this way?.

I stumbled on FIP in the early seventies whilst on Holiday and was struck by what a great station it was. I listen now on the internet, thankfully, but would like to hear it all over my house on the Radio. Very best wishes and good luck in getting this excellent station on air.

I love Fip.



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  1. I use to be one of the “fipette”, a voice working on FIP, in Strasbourg in the late 70’s. The best job I ever had! The music would come from Paris and the team of 5 girls would choose and deliver the local information live, between 7am and 7pm. I very much support your efforts to get it back in Brighton, and would not say no to working there again!


  2. I moved to France from Brighton 4 years ago hoping to listen FIP as I had in Brighton, but I could not get a signal normal radio and still cant!I had no ADSL till now and have forgotton how brilliant it is. Via your site is easier to access than France Radio

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  3. I have got back ASTRA 19.2 degrees east so nice to have FIP again.
    I loved it on HOTBIRD but we lost it there. I own a sat receiver of
    more than decade ago that has audio DACS and quality centric design unheard of in any sat receiver made in the last nine years. I feed the
    signal into a PANASONIC EX85 that records in LPCM and allows me to make RAMs and minusR’s for friends.


  4. So what’s the deal? I’m still happily picking up FIP on 91FM…… did they get permission or is it just that the ‘unofficial’ relay is back up & running?

    Anyone know?
    Vive la FIP!


  5. There is no finer presentation of music.
    I am constantly anxious to know who iis the artist playing.
    I listen mostly in iTunes.
    Can not the management apply the artist read-out to the iTunes program.
    Whenever I try to find a song history on the website, I get lost…can’t find it.
    Actuallly, we found it once or twice but when we went back to that bookmarked page, it was not showing.

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  6. I still get FIP pretty well on FM 91.00 with only a feeble home made simple wire indoor aerial. The brightness is excellent and stereo separation works well.Some days reception is better than others but the content makes it always a worthwhile experience.


    • We’re trying to find out what’s going on Steve. As soon as we find out we’ll post it on here. Sorry we can’t be of any further help at the moment.


  7. I have just been over to Paris to see the last stage of the tour de France. Had a great time And also stayed fora a few days to visit the museums and take in the sights. I took a dab radio with me but couldn’t pick anything up so I put it into FM mode and stumbled upon FIP. loved it immediately. It was like my mp3 collection was running on random. How lucky you are to be able to pick it up in Brighton. no chance of me getting it up here in Liverpool on the FM but I took my credit card to John Lewis’ at lunchtime today and bought a Roberts wifi radio. Sitting here with a bottle of wine courtesy of Eurostar and enjoying the eclectic mix. Also found randy’s reggae from Jamaica. A happy evening guaranteed.


  8. Hi, I know it’s a bit of a pain but I find it easier to use the brilliant Shazam app to identify what’s playing on this excellent station! It’s free at the App Store and gets the track about 80% of the time…


  9. I’m missing FIP immensely. I hope with all my heart that it comes back because it just winds me up that it is deemed acceptable to listen to rubbish local radio with loud gobby presenters playing banal music and having our ears bombarded with annoying adverts every ten minutes.


    • Where are you ? Where do you live ? Get a free to air satellite system and have it directed at ASTRA 19degrees East there is a wonderful wealth of radio there including FIP. As well as TV. If anyone wants advice about this as there are various user system options to enhance the experience I am willing to share my knowledge and expertise. Howard


  10. Well, get used to The Human Race, because you are stuck with the embarrassment of having the “Pop” mindset all around you while you are IN this World; unless people become thinking creatures, boring, banal programming will always sell product and the public will always accept that Lowest Common Denominator garbage.


  11. I’m a FIP voce for… 13 years and … we are 10 different women who speak to all of you all during days and night ! Did you really believe there was just one and only voice ? The others wonderfull voices are Sophie, Emilie, Susana, Jane, Caroline, Stephanie, Lola, Cecile… enjoy!


  12. Fip is fantastic!
    my name is Carsten and im from Germany. im listen to FIP with a Linn DSM streamer and it’s fantastic.
    And u guys in Brighton are fantastic too!
    Go on
    Vote FIP

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  13. Hello, Thanks for the resources in this website.

    Just a personal preference, I would like to listen to FIP (all the flavours, including Word) using an external player such as VLC. Any idea on how to do this? Thanks, Michele


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