Finding FIP Tunes

Want to find out what those FIP tunes were?

The FIP website has recently changed and as a result the playlist archive has changed.

Go to the Fip website ( and click on ” Derniers titres diffusés Retrouvez tous les titres entendus sur FIP” in the top right corner. You can then go through the playlists by date and hour.


We’ve kept the old info below just for old times sake really but it’s all a bit out of date now 😉

The Old Stuff

There are three ways of doing this.

Go to the FIP website

The web site displays the current tune being played and the upcoming tune.

Clicking on the ‘ écouter ‘ button brings up a separate small window with the current tune playing and the upcoming tune and connects you to the audio web-stream to listen on your computer.

You can then close the browser window or go elsewhere on the web.

To find a tune you’ve heard in the recent past, go to the FIP website;

Click on ‘les archives‘ :

The playlists for the last 10 days are here and dynamically update during the hour so the recent played songs are added.

Note that the times listed are EST, an hour ahead of the UK times.

Also be aware that the overnight playout does not list the songs played in the period 22Hrs to 05Hrs UK time. This is because the stream is taken from program recordings taken in blocks from the last few days and re-played; this is why some of the overnight playout songs suddenly fade into another!

Another neat way without using a browser is to download Yahoo widgets  and then download FIP Radio Player

Useful if you are listening off satellite or the radio.

This great idea means you need no web browser open at all.

The Widgets program comes with various widgets preloaded but you can delete the ones of no interest.

Having configured the Widgets side bar, which you can hide of the screen edge or make transparent in varying degrees; click on the radio player widget, this opens a small box on your desktop that you can drag anywhere, hide or make translucent.

The radio player then displays the current song being played.

It can also run like the FIP streamer so you can listen on line by clicking the Fip logo, clicking again turns off the audio stream.

Clicking on the little world icon opens your browser and takes you straight to the FIP website.


7 comments on “Finding FIP Tunes

  1. Hi people.
    I listen to Fip in Australia over the Internet using VLC player (I am using Ubuntu Linux). Recently I found a page on the Fip site that gave the titles of the recent and current tracks being played. I can no longer find that page. Any help in finding the names of the recent and current tracks. I found the archives but they only go to the previous day.

    Thanks for any help



  2. Hello. Thanks for your advice about playlists. Perhaps I’m very dim but I just can’t understand how to access the archives. I go to the site. I click on correct date and correct hour but I have no idea what to put in the ‘rechercher’ window. All I want to do is identify a track played at a certain time. I don’t know the name of the track obviously. If you just put in date and time and nothing in the rechercher window then nothing happens when you click appliquer. So please help me out.


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