FIP in the City

One thing is for sure. Brighton and Hove love FIP. The mysterious station that graced our airwaves for so many years on 91 and 98.5FM.

Many people seemed to be closet listeners. That was until the station was taken off air at the start of April 2007.

So what was it that made the station so popular?

Well, lets start with the fact that there are no annoying adverts and no so called presenters talking absolute rubbish for 10 minutes before playing a load more adverts and the occasional song.

The music of FIP is just so Brighton (and of course Hove).

Imagine walking into a coffee bar, shop or cafe and hearing a mix of jazz, maybe a bit of salsa, followed up by a tasty helping of big band swing and an ever so sexy French accent courtesy of the FIPettes!

That did happen and we want it to happen again.


One comment on “FIP in the City

  1. I live in Brighton but have been working near Portsmouth for eighteen months. On the long drag back every evening I set the radio tuner to FIP somewhere around Shoreham Airport. The carrier wave intermittently gives way to bursts of music and this coincides with the appearance of the lights of civilisation up ahead (apologies to Shoreham!) getting stronger like a homing beacon. In a strange way the limited accessibility enhances the pleasure.


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