How To Listen to FIP

You lucky, lucky people! There are lots of fantastic ways you can tune in to the delights of FIP.

Here are a few ways.

On your mobile


The app is available in most of the current app stores

iOS – FIP on the App Store on iTunes – Apple

Android – FIP – Android Apps on Google Play

Blackberry – FIP – BlackBerry World

On your computer

Via the Fip Radio player –

Via your media player –

Listen Via Satellite

FIP is available on the following satellites;

  • Astra 19° E
  • Eutelsat 5 West A – 5.0°W

Internet Radio


We use a Logik IR100 Internet radio. Recently, due to the change of streaming, the listed feed doesn’t work. To get round this, and if you’ve registered your radio, you can add the media player feed above to your own. You can then go into My Stuff on the radio and select the feed that way.

We have sent a request to update it because we’re nice like that.


31 comments on “How To Listen to FIP

  1. Hi Super FIP

    I like going to Komedia to see you guys but oh dear me ! the Studio is crap, too small, always something wrong with the soundsystem and the sound system is not good enough for your lovely tunes. Also often too busy at bar to get a drink ! why cant they give you a bigger space ?

    Does my old friend Pierre Lauer still work for in Paris at Radio France ?

    Thanks for lovely station




  2. FIP stopped to broadcast its program on Astra satellite because of to high fees asked from Canalsat to retransmit. It maybe also due to the fact that the actual French president don’t really like the public media and he’s cutting its finances like suppressing on public TV the advertising income.

    It’s possible to receive worldwide FIP via Internet streaming with a good quality under this link:

    Free media player like VLC are able to read this streaming on all operating system:

    Don’t put everything into your hears!


  3. I anyone has an iPhone, you can get FIP over WiFI, 3G or EDGE by using one of the internet radio clients. I’ve just downloaded allRadio (available from the AppStore). From this you can chose FIP from the list of over 2000 on-line sites – and so listen to FIP anywhere you have mobile or wi-fi coverage (if you’re listening on mobile, make sure you have one of the flat data tariffs, or you’ll find yourself with a pretty high bill…).


  4. Like Alexandra, I’m a very very old friend of Pierre Lauer and I can tell her that Pierre does not work more for FIP from various years. £After numerous problems he was retired and, one day, he went away very far from France, in South Africa where, I think, he lives with his ex-wife. I have no more news from him and his friends don’t know where he is now. I’ll be very happy to have some news and I would want to write him. If anybody knows…
    Pierre Jacquin.


    • Gosh its 2012 and I have only just got back to this site quite by chance and seen your message re Pierre Lauer, a m a z i n g …. his ex-wife was called Nelly if it is the same lovely woman who used to have the loveliest arty shop in Latin Quarter, going regular to get her artefacts from the East.

      They used to live in Porte St Ouen in top floor flat with an amazing roof terrace … such memories. I must make an effort when next in Paris to do some research.

      Anyway they used to love the warm weather so good for them if they are in SA !!

      With Best wishes

      07885 190644


  5. I love FIP! As Brightonian living in the frozen north of Canada this is a welcome relief and brings a bit of warmth to those cold winter nights. Not sure how I can get the track listings with the 128k stream you listed above? Cute website!


  6. Hello,

    I have been listening to FIP for as long as can remeber on 565 KHZ with a high performane communications receiver and directional antenna.

    Summer is good but winter not so.

    I have recently gone over to internet via 32bit streaming. This is OK but I run a laptop on a boat through “3G” mobile phone connection which sometimes cuts out during “peak” internet period usage.

    I have tried to listen via the main page “ecouter” button. However, I cannot get anything this way. The button appears dead, ie doesn’t depress.

    Does this page need any Java, Active-X or Windows service settings switched on to work?

    Would appreciate your help.

    Kind regards,

    David Dillingham.


    • Hi David,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      We’ve just tried the “Ecouter” button and it brings up a pop up window with the player which works ok.

      We’re using Firefox here.

      Otherwise, we can’t help here but I’m sure that somebody out there will know the answer!


      The Love Fip Team


  7. Hey! German wikipedia states fip is back on astra since january 20th 2009!
    I don’t have an up-to-date channel list for my sat-receiver to check it right now, but wouldn’t that be great news?

    12207 V / tp 90 / CanalSat France

    Greetings from Germany,


  8. We’ve been trying to get the N95 streaming to work, but neither the internet radio player or Nokia’s own one will work 😦

    Does anybody have any ideas? Does it work for you? Please let us know 🙂


  9. Does anyone know if there is a mobile phone internet radio app for the Samsung Tocco that I could use for FIP please? Thanks


  10. Just been introduced to the delights of FIP by my Brighton-dwelling sister, I enjoy it so much it’s going to make me buy an iPhone so I can listen to it anywhere. Just been trying out the Applications listed above by Rob Douglas, and it works fine on my Mac, but when I try to run it on Windows XP, I get the error: “Application failed to initialize properly(0xc0000135)…” Anyone else seen this, and anyone know a way round it?


  11. Hi. Don’t know about the app on Windows,
    but even on mac it never worked for me propperly.
    But on mac one doesn’t need it, since on safari you have the option “copy to dashboard”. So, you go on the fip en direct page and just choose the part of the window with has been/now/next and then that could be copied to the dashboard.
    Anytime you hit the dashboard now, the recent & upcomming track is displayed (pretty much like a rss-feed).

    On windows, for fip, there is another than the original fip widget available.
    That one:


  12. Hey can anyone help me please? FIP seems to be down via Astra… it was working just last week and is comletely dead the whole week. Can anyone confirm this, or help me to solve this?


      • It has gone!!!! The web streaming version is no more so no media service or ability to listen in iTunes.
        The stream just has some announcement. Any ideas how to listen in iTunes again?
        fip-midfi128.mp3 RIP 🙂


  13. Good Afternoon.

    I love FIP.

    While streaming I have inteeruptions but only at FIP, not other stations.
    I have a 55,5mbit and Logitech streamer.
    Any ideas?



    • Hi. No idea with what device you’re streaming. But if you have hickups, it’s probably a buffering issue. So play fip with something where you can maximize the buffer size. It’s possible with android apps as well as e.g. vlc or mplayer on the laptop.


    • Thanks for the info. Also re the Twitter account, it got taken over and Twitter won’t talk to us because our email address doesn’t match. Our fault, we should’ve used it more 🙁


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