4 comments on “Listening to Fip via Nokia S60 Radio

  1. Hi all,

    So I’ve been struggling with this whole no-FIP thing for a while now, and it’s been super frustrating (though I love the higher-bit rate service and I think tv-radio.com is great at serving up the stuff). I JUST this morning found a way to play FIP on my N95! or on any other PocketPC, or Windows Mobile device!

    Firstly, for the N95 (or N-series or E-series):
    Get the Nokia Internet Radio Player:

    Install it, then click “Options” then “Add Station Manually”
    Then add this URL:
    [audio src="http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/fip/all/fiphautdebit.mp3" /]


    For anyone else using any other device (or for users of Nokia phones wishing to use something better than the Internet Radio app)
    Get CorePlayer Mobile from:
    (or from the torrent networks, to try it out)
    Then add, just as before the URL:
    [audio src="http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/fip/all/fiphautdebit.mp3" /]

    This whole thing came about when I clicked on “File Info” in Winamp…

    Sweet, eh? If you’ve got questions or problems, maybe I can help.



    • Cheers for that Pete,

      We’ll update the how to page soon.

      We have the Nokia Internet Radio application too and think it’s ace, and so we’ve followed your instructions and voila, there is Fip in glorious high quality 😀

      One thing we should say is, if you’re using the internet radio player, make sure you’re using a wireless network or something on your N95 or it could get expensive, and nobody wants that.


  2. I too am a proud owner of a Nokia S60 device (the E71) and was delighted to discover that I can now FIP on my phone.

    For those who don’t know the latest version of the Symbian Operating System for Nokia devices includes an in built Nokia internet radio app which works much better than the old app that needed to be downloaded.

    If you don’t have the latest version of your phone’s firmware then go and download it from Nokia’s site.

    Once you have the Nokia Internet Radio app you simply need to open it up, add new station and enter the URL above as kindly offered by Peter Fotheringham (http://mp3.live.tv-radio.com/fip/all/fiphautdebit.mp3) et voila!

    I’ve even gone and bought myself an adapter for my phone so that I can plug in my high quality headphones just so as to be able to enjoy high quality FIP on the go. This is possibly the greatest use for a mobile phone EVER.

    Note to the LoveFIP crew, you need to update the listen to FIP section to update everyone on this fantastic news!

    Vive la FIP!


  3. I love fip!

    the nokia app doesn’t work on the N5800 xpress music which I have, but I found that if you sign up to yourmuze.fm you can create an account which you log into using the phone’s browser and then launch a link which opens in the phone’s own media player..

    works great over my giffgaff 3g connection – unlimited data for 10/month and I can put fip on through my amp with the phone on charge whenever I like, and keep my own wireless connection and netbook processsor free for other things


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